Certification Program Acknowledgements

Many thanks to the following agency and OOH company participants who helped us develop the OOH Certification Program.

Jeff Pattison

Media Experts
Alexandra Richmond
Erika Borja
Johari Williams
Mareike Kanning

Starcom Mediavest Group
Aiden Ridley
Katelyn Smith
Tim Harris

Astral Out-of-Home
Akuffo Sekyi-Otu
Maggie Poulin de Courval
Natalie Thomasella

Jacqueline Demchuk

PATTISON Outdoor Advertising
Kathy Cormier
Rick Borthwick

Quebecor Media Out-of-Home
Daniel Bédard

Thanks to Caroline Huebner, a Senior Performance and Learning Professional, for sharing her expertise on learning techniques.