An Orange Grove in the Heart of Downtown Montreal

November 15, 2016

Élixir Marketing Olfactif is bringing a new sensorial experience to a Quebecor Media Group transit shelter by recreating the aroma of freshly-squeezed Oasis Premium orange juice in the heart of downtown Montreal, bringing city dwellers closer to the fruit.

This major project is an urban event in the heart of downtown Montreal, at the corner of Peel St. and René-Lévesque Blvd., where a grassroots team will be greeting passers-by and inviting them to live the sensorial experience of Oasis – a juice that’s really close to the fruit.

The Oasis Premium olfactory experience leverages the sense of smell: an underused but intrinsic part of the sensorial experience.

Lassonde, Touché! and LG2, in collaboration with Élixir Marketing Olfactif and Quebecor Media Group, are joining forces to offer consumers an opportunity to experience something unique: the feeling of standing in the middle of an orange grove in November. The full Oasis Premium sensorial experience, installed on one of Quebecor Media Out-of-Home’s transit shelters, invites pedestrians to taste Oasis Premium orange juice. Lassonde provides a complete sensorial experience by reproducing the look and feel of an orange grove, complete with sounds of birds and crickets, the warmth of the sun, the sweet smell of freshly-picked oranges and the great taste of Oasis Premium orange juice.

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Christine Chamberland-Beaudoin
President & Founder 
Élixir Marketing Olfactif