APN Outdoor explore the jungle of Media Attention in 2016 study

July 19, 2016

SYDNEY: APN Outdoor have today introduced their headline research piece for 2016, Media Attention- It’s a Jungle out there. This study promotes the case for Outdoor to be the centrepiece of more media campaigns.

The program was multifaceted with a 3,000 strong quantitative study and metropolitan city, trans-Tasman focus groups. The highlights as put forward by Clarity Strategic Research found that 58% of Australian and New Zealanders see more advertising today than they did in the past, and whilst they feel ambivalent toward advertising in general, consumers are overwhelmingly positive about Outdoor.

Janine Wood, General Manager- Marketing, APN Outdoor, commented “Previous studies APN Outdoor have undertaken identified Outdoor as the least avoided medium. Two years on this still rings true. This study has also proven how effective the symbiotic relationship is between Outdoor and TV.”

APN Outdoor is Australia and New Zealand’s most innovative Outdoor advertising company; leaders in the Digital Billboard, Billboard, Transit, Rail and Airport. The company has particularly focused on innovation within their digital portfolio, continually growing and developing to establish themselves as leaders within this space. APN Outdoor dominates both traditional and digital outdoor spaces boasting 36,000 high impact, attention grabbing locations, dominating major city skylines, roadways, rail-stations and airports across both sides of the Tasman. 

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