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Astral is one of Canada’s leading outdoor advertising companies. With an unparalleled outdoor network, we offer customers over 30,000 strategically placed advertising faces in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec and Nova Scotia’s key markets as well as key airports around Canada.


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The Horizontal Poster makes a huge impact when you want to reach a large number of consumers. With an average per-billboard circulation that is greater than the competing products in Quebec and Ontario*, Astral Horizontal Posters guarantee a major impact at efficient rates.

*Source : COMB 2011



The Vertical Board has definitely made a name for itself in the city. It will give your advertising campaign an authentic urban style, and by allowing you to create ads in dimensions inspired by those of magazines, this unique format will lend a touch of glamour and prestige to your advertising messages.


The Superboard‘s spectacular dimensions and strategic locations guarantee brand impact, prestige and credibility. Astral has the largest Superboard network in the Montreal market with close to 100 faces located along high traffic arteries and highways. In Toronto, Superboards dominate the landscape of the city’s busiest arteries, such as the Gardiner Expressway.  



Astral Out-of-Home offers a number of Murals in the heart of downtown Toronto, in the city’s trendiest areas and in the very popular fashion district. This spectacular format lends prestige and credibility to your brand. In addition, these Murals are perfect for daring concepts that are sure to attract the attention of your target clientele.




Backlit posters lend prestige and glamour to your brand, making them ideal for building brand image.  In Toronto, our Backlit signs are ideally located to be noticed by motorists and pedestrians alike.

Prominently located on the Ontario Place site, these structures are seen by thousands of motorists in Lakeshore Boulevard traffic, morning and evening, as well as by the 1 million people who visit this park each year.



Astral Transit Shelters’ network targets Torontonians and Quebecers right where the action is, where they work, play and shop. Not only is the brand-boosting urban environment clean and attractive, our faces are backlit for maximum impact. They remain unobstructed with full-time visibility for drivers and pedestrians on high-traffic streets and in busy areas of the city. Transit Shelters are the best media for creating an influence where and when it counts.

With close to 750 advertising faces, of which 300 are in the heart of downtown Montreal, the Street Column is ideally suited to reach an urban and mobile clientele where they live, work, shop and play. Street Columns are backlit and located at the city’s busiest intersections that have high car and pedestrian traffic day and night.




The Signature Column is designed to fit the unique cityscape; providing advertisers with a prominent street level opportunity to interact with people on the go, in the downtown core.

Located in the most sought after areas of Toronto, the 120 Signature Columns with 240 faces are a premium showcase for your brand, where people work, shop and play.

Designed by internationally renowned Kramer Design Associates (KDA), the stunning vertical 4’x6’ Signature Columns are positioned inches away from the street with best possible sight lines for motorists and pedestrians alike.

Every day, the downtown core sees 845,000*people passing through its busiest corridors. The Signature Column capitalizes on those areas like the Financial, Fashion, Entertainment and Design districts where there are often no transit routes and those high-end consumers are difficult to reach.

*Source: Transportation Tomorrow Survey 2006.



Digital column network


A network of 30 urban Digital Column in the heart of downtown Montréal. 

The roll out makes Montreal the first Canadian city to feature such an innovative network like other world-class cities such as London and San Francisco. Each column is equipped with a 72-inch HD LCD screen and a geographical map of downtown on the opposite face.

The columns are installed in key locations throughout downtown’s major commercial streets, including Sherbrooke and Ste- Catherine, as well as near busy areas like the Quartier des spectacles. The Digital Column network reaches nearly one million consumers per day.

The numerous technological features of the new Digital Column network promote creativity and redefine ways of interacting with consumers. RSS feeds,QR Codes (Quick Response) as well as the integration of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology will enable advertisers to immediately deliver content and create the opportunity for real time exchange between advertisers and consumers. For example, a campaign can be adapted to the time of day or to coincide with a specific event.



With a design that says “modern elegance”, the spectacular MegaColumns are exclusive to the very select downtown Montreal market. They can be found within the boundaries of Berri, Guy, Sherbrooke and René-Lévesque’s streets. In Montreal, the network consists of 40 MegaColumns, for a total of 80 advertising faces of which, 2 are rotating. With advertising faces that are backlit 24 hours a day, MegaColumns grab the attention of drivers and pedestrians alike, day and night.



Toronto Pearson is Canada’s largest and busiest airport. It is the hub for some 443,000 flights a year and over 41 million passengers annually.





The thousands of consumers who pass through the Montreal Airport each day represent an excellent demographic. Thanks to our extensive network of indoor and outdoor signs, almost 20 million passengers, accompanying family and friends are exposed to Astral products each year*.

In addition, our airport advertising expertise, coupled with our outstanding creativity, enables us to offer advertisers exclusive, high-impact and prestigious advertising packages of remarkably high quality for your brand.

*Source : ADM





Jean-Lesage Airport serves not only the greater Quebec City area, but also a region of approximately 2 million people that extends well beyond the city’s limits. It is the aviation hub for central and eastern Quebec, a strategic link with the north-eastern United States and an air travel crossroads for vacationers heading to Europe and sunshine destinations.

In the past 10 years, the Quebec Airport has experienced an exceptional 95.7% increase in traffic of which52% over the last four years*.

*Source : Jean-Lesage Airport



Astral attains exclusive indoor advertising at Halifax Stanfield International Airport. With more than 3.7 million passengers annually, it is the only international airport in the Maritimes. Up to 51 destinations, including 20 domestic routes, its strategic position offers the shortest link between North America and Europe.







Astral is proud to offer its clients the opportunity to reach prestigious consumers who pass through the Vancouver International Airport, ranked second busiest airport in Canada. YVR welcomes more than 19 million passengers every year, offers more than 53 airlines, and connects people and businesses to more than 100 non-stop destinations worldwide. It is the perfect platform to gain access to the most affluent consumers.



Located in the capital city, the MacDonald-Cartier International Airport of Ottawa is the Ontario’s second busiest airport in terms of passengers. With its 4.6 million passengers per year, Ottawa’s Macdonald–Cartier International Airport is a place of choice to captivate Ottawa. Serving as a business and political hub, YOW is part of the air corridor known as the Eastern Triangle with Toronto and Montreal.



BIXI is Montréal’s public self-serve bike-sharing system. With 405 docking stations in eight city districts, this innovative program will make nearly 5000 bicycles available to Montrealers for short trips between April and mid-November. 

Astral Out-of-Home is proud to partner with BIXI to create this green and sustainable urban advertising network. BIXI offers advertisers 225 advertising faces in the heart of the city, with more than 75% located in sectors such as Ville-Marie and Plateau Mont-Royal.
Astral Out-of-Home is proud to partner with BIXI to create this green and sustainable urban advertising network. BIXI offers advertisers 225 advertising faces in the heart of the city, with more than 75% located in sectors such as Ville-Marie and Plateau Mont-Royal.



Take your message to the streets of Quebec City and Montreal. Powerful and attractive, bus advertising dominates the city and generates opportunities to be seen by bus riders, commuters and pedestrians. The fleet provides a widespread coverage, including residential areas, industrial areas and shopping streets. The buses go where the consumers are! Products include Bus Wraps, King & Seventy Posters, Interior Posters and Double Deckers.





More than 16 million passengers use commuter trains annually. Through our network of Train-posters, strategically positioned at the entrance and exits of the train cars, Astral allows you to reach a captive audience. This sought-after profile commutes every day between Montreal and its suburbs.




71 million passengers a year use the metropolitan terminals.

The Longueuil and Downtown terminals alone serve 24.3 million people, all South Shore residents.

Take advantage of our Longueuil or Downtown dominance packages to create a significant impact to customers that commute from or to South Shore to Montreal daily. Use our expertise in display advertising to customize your visibility and transform the environment for those passing through, to the benefit of your brand.


Products in Montreal metro allow you to accompany commuters while they travel. Astral network offers Backlit Station Posters, Platform Station Posters, Car Posters, Subway King Posters, Car Wraps, Station Wrap , Mural, Digital Mural as well as Metrovision (digital screens) and experiential marketing.





  • Place des Arts
  • Parking – Business Centres
  • Parking – Shopping Centres
  • CN Central Station
  • 1000 de la Gauchetière
  • Montreal Metropolitan Terminals





With Digital Network, you can display several messages on one site and adapt them according to time of day. React faster, modify when you want and really take advantage of the digital revolution. With LED (light-emitting diode) digital technology, you’re guaranteed the brightest colours and the best resolution ever. 

The future of outdoor is bright! Exceptional in size, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary have great strategic prime locations along busy main roads, highways and bridges.





Introducing a new vertical landmark designed to make your brand shine in Toronto. Delivering the largest digital format on the Gardiner Expressway, the new MegaVertical Digital 32’H X 24’W vertical space, displays six messages per minute. So you can give your brand the showcase it deserves — and increase your long-term visibility. Be in the place that matters most, at the right time, with the right message. Show your colours with arresting vertical visuals, and stand out like never before.



With more than 6 million captive travelers in Montreal and over 600 000 in Quebec, AeroTV allows you to target a premium audience. With screens in the departure lounges, the network is composed of 88 flat screen televisions located in waiting areas the Montreal Airport and 8 televisions at Quebec Airport.

Programming, with a clear focus on entertainment and relaxation, features news, sports, fashion, comedy, films, culture, weather updates and much, much more.




astralAEROVERTICAL ideal for targeting domestic travellers from when they enter the terminal to when they board their plane. An impressive network of over 80 screens all along the domestic traveller’s journey – at the entrance to the terminal and in the food court, domestic departures corridor and arrivals hall.

Frequency-based programming with a dynamic 90-second loop allowing 6 advertisers to reach a pool of exclusive consumers.



Reinforce your brand image with the PasseportMedia electronic network. These screens are available at the Montreal Airport and are located exclusively in their highest traffic areas including public and customs areas, domestic, international and transborder jetties.

Capture the attention and leverage the long waits experienced by travellers and their escorts in strategic areas of the Airports!


astralMARK is a Geo-Marketing Intelligence service exclusive to Astral which allows advertisers to optimize their campaign by targeting consumers where they live, work, shop and play.

To learn more about MARK, click here.