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Quebecor Media Out-of-Home owns over 5,000 advertising faces in the heart of key areas in Montreal, Laval and Lévis. A division of the Quebecor Media Group, the company operates as a unified structure that combines all types of media knowledge and expertise. Our business and representation model lends itself to innovation, creativity and achieving the advertiser’s objectives.
Our Sales Board is committed to ensuring optimal convergence in terms of services and operations. In keeping with our advertisers’ objectives and brand values, we build and deliver comprehensive, innovative and customized solutions by leveraging the strengths and synergies of all Group divisions in order to maximize our clients’ advertising investments. Our integrated media offering allows advertisers to connect with their target market all day long.


Transit shelters are a media that’s close to consumers and part of their everyday lives. They are well integrated in local communities across Montreal Island, Laval and Lévis, reaching everyone from drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, to students, professionals and retirees. As consumers become increasingly mobile, they are constantly exposed to different types of out-of-home advertising, including transit shelters. Well established in every part of the cities we serve, our major network of standard transit shelters delivers high reach. For example, each month, we reach 95% of Montrealers aged 5 and up*. Our network also offers tremendous flexibility for your media placements. Whether you’re looking for visibility near food markets, tourist attractions, schools or any other specific target, transit shelters will be able to meet your needs.

*Source: COMB winter 2015 (January), 4 weeks, total standard transit shelter inventory, Montreal CMA, 5+












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digital transit shelter

You can now directly interact with consumers on the street thanks to our 82 digital transit shelters, strategically placed on the Island of Montreal, Laval and Lévis.

Equipped with 84-inch LED screens and gesture recognition capabilities, our digital transit shelters allow you to adapt your message to a specific environment based on context, time of day, target market, etc. Their amazing flexibility translates to almost endless possibilities in terms of commercial creativity and strategy. These digital shelters bring people together, giving consumers an opportunity to enjoy a personalized experience and access a wide range of information (either of a commercial or non-commercial nature) in real time. They also offer unique opportunities to interact with consumers in ways that no other street furniture can. Once inside the interactive zone, consumers get to live, communicate and play with the advertiser, thus creating a stronger proximity with the brand.

Digital transit shelters provide you with an exceptional tool to connect with your target audience through one of three strategically placed networks on Montreal Island:

  • Downtown – A network that dominates the island’s highest-traffic area, in the heart of the commercial district (allowing you to reach businesspeople), and close to entertainment and cultural attractions
  • Hiptown: Connect with consumers aged 18 to 34 where they live, work and play
  • Gotown: Premium locations offering incomparable visibility near Montreal’s busiest roads

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Buses offer advertisers over 2,300 advertising faces in the Quebec City CMA, reaching a dynamic, mobile population. In Lévis alone, our fleet of 85 buses travels through 64 different routes, serving Quebec City’s most effervescent areas, including its upper and lower sectors, Université Laval, Lévis and Sainte-Foy. As a result, consumers on the go are exposed to our outdoor advertising faces in all these areas. Advertisers can capitalize on this with different options aimed at dominating the outside surface of a bus with murals that cover the rear sides, or even the entire vehicle.

With over 11,200 passengers riding on these buses every day – for a total of over 4 million rides a year – our indoor bus formats also provide major visibility for a captive audience that includes both workers and students.


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