Clear Channel Canada Launches New Website

December 2, 2016

Clear Channel Canada announced the launch of their new and improved website at The highly visual site makes campaign planning look good with vibrant imagery, comprehensive planning tools, interactive maps and audience research and insights.

Here are some highlights of the new website:

Plan by target audience:
We want you to get to know our audiences as well as we do, so we’ve made insights available throughout our site. You also have the option to plan by our most frequently requested demographics: Students, Millennials, DINKs, High Earners, Business Decision Makers, Families.

Plan by market:
We offer advertising opportunities in the best markets in Canada, and we’re constantly expanding! Plan by market and get an overview of all assets in each of the following Canadian markets: Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary and more highly sought-after Canadian cities.
Plan by product:
Campaigns make a huge impact in our iconic and exclusive environments. Plan by product and see the features and benefits of each of our assets in the following categories: Airports, Malls, Transit, Street Furniture, Big & Iconic, Spectaculars, Digital, and our new mobile platform “Activate”.

Get inspired and read our blog!:
Check out some of our favourite campaigns and keep up to date with CCC’s projects, industry news and other topics that got us talking around the office.