Commuting Habits

In 2011, Canadian workers spent an average of 51 minutes a day commuting to and from work. Average commute times to and from were the highest in the three largest metropolitan centres of Toronto (68 minutes), Montreal (60 minutes) and Vancouver (56 minutes).

Round Trip Commute Times 2011

74% of Canadian workers travelled to work by car while 12% took public transit. Commuters who travelled by public transit took longer to get to work, on average than commuters who used cars. In 2011, commuters who used a private vehicle spent an average of 23.7 minutes travelling to work, compared with 40.4 minutes for bus riders, 44.6 minutes for subway users and 52.5 minutes for light rail, streetcar or commuter train passengers. Public transit travel times include the time required to walk to the bus stop or the subway or train station. They also include waiting times.


commute times work-home 2011

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