Dove Stands Up for Female Athletes Using Digital Billboards

August 10, 2016

In a continuous effort to empower women and help them to fight against constant physical judgement, Dove has just launched a new initiative focusing on female Olympics’ athletes. The brand is looking to denounce media commentators who seem to enjoy writing about female athletes’ looks rather than their sportive accomplishments.

Digital billboards located in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles, expose in real time all sort of sexist and negative comments that can be read in the media about female athletes’ physical appearance. When the judgemental comments appear on the billboards, the photos of the athletes start to disappear – symbolizing the fact that people lose sight of a whole person when they only focus on their looks. The media commentary is being fed to the billboards by a real-time online aggregator and consumers can also view it online at People are also invited to tweet at the media commentators and share their personal experience of being judged physically.

This execution is part of Dove’s global campaign called #MyBeautyMySay.

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