Élixir Marketing Olfactif & Quebecor Media Group Create First Automated Olfactory Transit Shelter

October 5, 2016

Montreal – Élixir Marketing Olfactif is creating the first digital immersive experience from September 26 to October 23, as part of a strategy focused on awakening the senses in bus shelters adjacent to Rosemont metro station.

Élixir Marketing Olfactif and Quebecor Media Group are proud to jointly launch this brand new, innovative and creative project, a first in the Montreal market. It integrates olfactory and visual components in Quebecor Media Group transit shelter.

Using remote diffusion technology, Élixir Marketing Olfactif has developed the first automated olfactory transit shelter. It releases a customized strawberry cake fragrance to promote the new cooking competition show La Relève, premiering October 6 on TVA. Élixir Marketing Olfactif is leveraging an as-yet unexploited media environment (i.e. the air around us) to attract passers-by through their sense of smell, using powerful stimuli that enhance the visual promotional experience in order to improve advertising recall. Furthermore, this approach is also eco-friendly, as it uses natural products.