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Nova Scotia Elections

**Please note the following is a summary of information from associated government websites.  It is meant as a guide to assist in placing election oriented advertising campaigns.  It is for reference only as is not an official interpretation of the governing legislation.  The official documents and legal counsel should be consulted to ensure accuracy.

Governed by the Nova Scotia Elections Act

  • Any advertisement relating to an election printed, broadcast, published or distributed, either electronically or in hard copy, shall bear the words “authorized by the official agent for [name of candidate or recognized party]” and shall indicate on whose behalf the advertisement was printed, broadcasted, published or distributed.
  • There are no restrictions on third-party political advertising in Nova Scotia.
  • During federal elections there is a “blackout period” (on polling day before the close of all of the polling stations in the electoral district) during which political advertising is prohibited. There is no blackout period during Nova Scotia provincial elections.
  • On Polling Day, the following rules are set out in the Elections Act:
    • No materials of a political nature, such as posters, flags or banners, may be posted or displayed within 200 feet of a polling station.

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