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Toronto Elections

**Please note the following is a summary of information from associated government websites.  It is meant as a guide to assist in placing election oriented advertising campaigns.  It is for reference only as is not an official interpretation of the governing legislation.  The official documents and legal counsel should be consulted to ensure accuracy.

Governed by City of Toronto Municipal Licensing & Standards - 

Municipal Elections Act, Chapter 693

  • The Municipal Elections Act, 1996 does not contain restrictions on when a candidate may or may not advertise. However, the candidate must have filed their nomination paper before spending any money and the amount they may spend on their campaign is regulated.
  • An election sign may be displayed on an illuminated billboard provided that each billboard has been installed under the authority of a permit issued under the applicable sign by-law.
  • Timing
    • Election signs shall not be erected or displayed for a federal or provincial election until the day the writ of election is issued.
    • Election signs shall not be erected or displayed for a municipal election until 25 days prior to voting day.
    • Election signs shall be removed within 72 hours after the completion of voting on voting day.
  • Use of City of Toronto logo.
    • No person shall display on any election sign a logo, trademark or official mark, in whole or in part, owned or licensed by the City.

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