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Member Company Contacts
OMAC member companies work closely with municipal, regional and other legislators across the country to ensure ongoing and mutually beneficial government relationships.

OMAC organizes and facilitates meetings with Out-of-Home companies and government authorities to review and discuss by-law policies and procedures.

Municipal by-laws place restrictions on signage locations. Please contact an OMAC member company representative for more information.

Astral Out-of-Home

Ron Hutchinson
(416) 924-6664 x223

Pattison Outdoor

Ontario Region
Steve McGregor
(604) 473-2708

Sid Catalano
(905) 282-6846

Prairie Region
Brian de Ruiter
(780) 669-7705

Pacific Region 
Steve McGregor
(604) 473-2708

Dominic Loporcaro
(514) 284-4018

CBS Outdoor

All Regions Except Quebec
Stephen McGregor
(416) 521-6410

Jeannot Lefebvre
(514) 251-2500
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