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  • Promoted in OMAC presentations to agencies, advertisers and educational institutions

  • Company overview and products featured on OMAC’s website, with link to your website

  • Access to on-line library of Canadian and International case studies

  • Access to the on-line Creative library containing Canadian and International creative

  • Inclusion in Market Profiles which provide an overview of the market, general stats, OOH companies and products

  • Sales resource for proposals and presentations

  • Access to Electronic Newsletter on latest news and information

  • Access to all content areas of OMAC’s website

  • Participation in the development of new planning tools to make OOH easier to plan and buy

  • Participation in discussions and meetings on industry legislative and regulatory issues

  • Participation in the development of custom research to advance the OOH industry

  • Access to proprietary industry research

  • Participation in OMAC sponsored OOH seminars and events

  • Participation in the development of industry standards and guidelines
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