OMAC : About Us : Mission Statement/Vision
  • To increase out-of-home’s share of ad dollars by promoting the benefits and effectiveness of out-of-home media to agencies and advertisers.

  • To develop and implement new initiatives that serve as a resource to the industry and increase understanding of out-of-home media.

  • To foster development of standards and guidelines that make out-of-home easier to plan and buy.

  • To serve as the united voice of the industry through involvement in issues that represent the interests of its members.

To create a high profile Out-of-Home marketing association that raises the level of consideration for Out-of-Home in every media plan.

OMAC Values
  • Leadership
    OMAC will take the lead in developing and implementing initiatives that promote the OOH industry.

  • Partnership
    OMAC seeks a collaborative approach with industry stakeholders to problem solve and identify opportunities.

  • Integrity
    OMAC will act in a professional manner to ensure fair representation of industry stakeholders, transparency in it’s conduct of business and adhere to responsible marketing communication practices.
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