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Cassies 2006

Sick Kids

Silver:   Not for Profit




SickKids was fighting for its share of the intensely competitive charity market.   The main campaign ran in September – November 05.


Situation Analysis:


SickKids suffered from a dangerous misconception.   People had no idea it needed massive public support.   This had to be addressed.   Especially given the hugely ambitious funding goal of $64 million for fiscal 2005.


Strategy & Insight:


The critical finding was that SickKids did not sit in the “charity” part of people’s minds (a) because of its superb reputation and (b) because people think hospitals are fully funded by government.   A positioning shift was essential – from “great children’s hospital” to “great children’s hospital that needs my support.”




Kids did the talking, tugging at the heartstrings with amazing stories.   Television featured the famous song “Lean on me.”   This was supported by print, out of home, radio and the campaign website – all tied together by the tagline “SickKids.   Believe.”




In fiscal 2004, total revenue had been $50 million.   In fiscal 2005, revenue came in at $70 million – a 40% improvement for a $3 million investment.   Also, SickKids staff and volunteers reported that the campaign had caused a major lift in motivation.  


Cause & Effect:


The campaign had metrics in place, and all the needles moved, often well beyond expectation.   For example, after the campaign 70% said that SickKids is “more than a hospital” and 51% said that they are more likely to donate.   There was also a clear correlation between the timing of the main advertising activity, and the highest revenue flow.




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