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Cassies 2006

Mac’s Froster “Bloody Zit”

Silver:   Packaged Goods Beverage




Mac’s wanted to get more teen traffic in Ontario, and the Froster drink would be the hook.   The campaign started in May 05, creating a brand that teenagers love, and parents hate.


Situation & Analysis:


Research with teens showed that Slurpee had a higher profile, but Mac’s knew, from the success of Sloche in Quebec that the opportunity was there.   (Sloche won a Gold for Best Launch in Cassies 2002).   Mac’s decided to create a proprietary new flavour, and launch it in the Spring/Summer of 05.   The flavour was super sour cherry, and it would sell at a premium of 6%-16% to the existing Froster line.


Strategy & Insight:


As with Sloche, the name would be crucial.   The creative team edged carefully into the teen psyche and found a paradise of violence, vomit and gore.   With this, and the drink’s deep red colour, they came up with Bloody Zit.   What could be more tasteful to a teen.   And as a bonus, it would definitely ruffle the feathers of the bourgeoisie.




The message went out via posters, print, the web, viral email, and the cinema.   It was concentrated over 8 weeks in May and June 05, with in-store advertising continuing.   The lead ad in print was unquestionably gross and the cinema caused en masse gasps of ‘eeeewww’.   And if you Google “Bloody Zit” you will get over 300,000 entries, with comments like, “absolutely disgusting, but unforgettable.”




In the first 7 weeks, Mac’s ran out of product.   Even so, over the entire Year 1, sales were up 38% versus the previous year.   This was with a price increase, so it led to handsome financials.


Cause & Effect:


There’s no doubt that the name and product helped make Bloody Zit a success.   But without the buzz of advertising, the launch could never have developed the momentum it did.



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