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Advancement of Media Science

Silver - Advancement of Media Science



Until recently, indoor advertising’s credibility was found wanting compared with other measured media because there was no methodology to evaluate its visibility and effectiveness.


In 1999 Newad decided to remedy the problem by developing a new model to measure the effectiveness of indoor advertising and generally improve its overall quality.   By 2004, and after investing $500,000, Newad had produced Traffik, the first circulation methodology to specialize in indoor media.


An important first step for Traffik was to provide advertisers with a circulation methodology that was not only effective but also approved by a third party.   Newad collaborated with a specialized firm to build correlation and regression analysis data to determine what had to be collected, as well as the optimal days and hours to perform short-term counts.   Counts were then conducted nationally, and monthly variations were also included in the method.   As a result, Traffik accurately calculates the circulation of people around a specific zone of exposure.


In 2004, Traffik was accredited by the Canadian Outdoor Measurement Bureau, and later Zoom Media licensed the system for its own use.   Today, Traffik is the standard and its counts are published every year by COMB.


Title:                     Traffik


Company:            Newad, Montreal

*Source:  Media Innovation Awards, Marketing Magazine

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