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Gold - Mixed Media 




How does an advertiser connect with a demographic that is all over the place, numbed by Christmas clutter, confused about competing offers and distrustful of cell phone providers?


Intercept them on the go and engage them with media innovation that reflects just how cool the new Rogers phones are.


The company’s media mix included a first:   Billboards that played on the creative theme of Shine by using electronically charged paper that illuminated Rogers’ message in a pre-established sequence.   Audio and 3-D posters intercepted the target consumer in cinemas, restaurants and bars and malls.   Another first, this time an onion skin wrap on copies of the Metro daily, engaged commuters.   TV and radio reached any part of the demo that was not covered by the other media.


Locations for the billboards had to be chosen carefully, based on evening traffic flow and long sight-line criteria so the creative could “Shine” on gloomy winter nights.

For animated view, click here


The measured impact of the campaign showed an awareness 60% higher than the norm, while brand linkage exceeded 75%.   Most important of all, sales increased by 35% and Rogers added 216,000 new customers.


Title:                     Shine


Advertiser:          Rogers Wireless, Toronto


Agency:                MBS, Toronto


Media Carrier:     Pattison Outdoor

*Source:  Media Innovation Awards, Marketing Magazine

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