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Bronze - Out-of-Home




Buyers of the Ford Escape SUV are contemporary urbanites who believe acting on impulse leads to some of life’s best moments.


With this consumer insight in mind the company’s objective was to deliver high-impact media buzz against the target consumer.   It did that by playing off the name of the vehicle with visual creative that both drew attention and emphasized the advertiser’s message.


Out-of-Home regulations are strict in Montreal and advertisers can’t use blank wall space unless it is to promote a city event.   Nevertheless, Ford was able to persuade both the owner of the building it used on University Street and the City of Montreal that the execution would improve the look of the unremarkable space.


A specially prepared vinyl background was placed over the stretch of blank wall Ford used, using a trompe l’oeil effect to create the impression of windows on three storeys on one part of the wall and four storeys on the other.   A large billboard featuring a Ford Escape drew attention to the vinyl backdrop, prompting the connection between the SUV and natural desire to escape from an anonymous building in downtown Montreal.   Moreover, it wasn’t just Ford’s target that was drawn to the execution.   It also attracted media comment in Montreal and Toronto.


Title:                     Escape


Advertiser:          Ford Motor Company, Oakville


Agency:                Saint-Jacques Vallee, The Mediaedge, Montreal


Media Carrier:     Astral Media

*Source:  Media Innovation Awards, Marketing Magazine

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