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Red Zone Dance Dance Destination Contest


Old Spice wanted to get its new line of Red Zone products in front of men 18 to 34, a group known to be active, much coveted by marketers and difficult to reach.   Research also showed that dancing and going out were among the target’s favourite activities, so Red Zone developed an event-driven campaign that married product discovery with personal interest.


Red Zone sought the best after-hours dancer in 16 nightclubs across Canada.    As part of the campaign, a team of Red Zone ambassadors invited club-goers to show off their skills on a branded dance floor.   Top performers were filmed and video was uploaded to a microsite where people could vote for their favourites.   Promotion for the contest included print and indoor advertising and Red Zone partnered with MuchMusic to present the finals.   Trial was encouraged by placing product in the washrooms of the nightclubs.  


Following the After Hours promotional total volume sales of Old Spice body washes (High Endurance and Red Zone brands) were up more than 65%.   There were also 38,000 online contest participants and over 52,000 website visits during the campaign.  


Title:                     Red Zone Dance Dance Destination Contest


Advertiser :         Procter & Gamble, Toronto



Partner :              Newad, Montreal

*Source:  Media Innovation Awards, Marketing Magazine

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