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Bronze - Youth


Joga Bonito


The 12- to 17-year-old soccer crazy kid can be found in significant numbers at the mall, cellphone in hand.   And with content now king and the consumer the crown prince, Nike Soccer needed to create a new solution to reach its target audience.  


It did this by introducing a way to consume media in an existing environment already populated with the company’s target – malls – and engaging them via SMS technology.   All nine suppliers used in the venture – from the directional audio company to the supplier of the media – had to be sourced, none of which had a cost structure or a precedent.   The execution also required an intimate knowledge of the SMS backbone, lining up digital platforms, projection considerations, sound in malls, as well as mall management itself.  


Together, the medium comprised full motion video, sound and projection along with SMS controls. It was launched in six malls in three cities and the target consumers were able to use their cellphones as a remote control for the first time and watch their favourite Nike athlete display their soccer skills.


Title:                     Joga Bonito


Advertiser:          Nike Canada


Agency:                Cosette Media, Toronto


Media Carrier:     Pattison Mall Media

*Source:  Media Innovation Awards, Marketing Magazine

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