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Lamar Transit Advertising

Lamar Advertising Company, together with its subsidiaries, provides outdoor advertising services in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. It offers outdoor advertising displays, such as billboards, including bulletins and posters; logo signs; and transit advertising displays. The company offers its services to restaurants, retailers, automotive, real estate companies, health care, gaming, service, hotels and motels, telecommunications, and amusement industries. As of December 31, 2007, it owned and operated approximately 151,000 billboard advertising displays in 44 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico; approximately 100,000 logo advertising displays in 19 states and the province of Ontario, Canada; and approximately 28,500 transit advertising displays in 17 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The company was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


Displays are 21” x 70” and can be posted on the sides or the rears of the buses. These displays reach young and affluent active target groups on the move, delivering high reach, frequency and impact increasing name recognition and recall. 


Displays are 30” x 139” and are placed on the side of the buses. They give large audience exposure with broad reach and high frequency and increases top of mind awareness. 

Consisting of a king display with a headliner strip across the top of the bus. As the display is partially above the traffic line it allows for increased impact and visibility. It captures consumers’ attention delivering a bold, lasting impression. 

Displays are 11” x 35” or 11” x 70 and are place in the interior of the bus. They allow for longer viewing time which permits for detailed copy; given you the ability to influence consumers when they are mobile and most likely to make a purchasing decision. The increased commute times and ridership contribute to high reach and frequency. 

This is 40 foot eye-catching moving billboard; this enormous display provides an overwhelming presence in the market place and gives you the ability to reach consumers on their way to work, shop or play. There is no stronger way to cut through the other clutter of media with this product. 

There are many other different displays that we use for vinyl wrapping such as; Supertails, Full Backs, Kong with Headliners, King with Headliners, King Kongs and Full Sides.

These displays build and maintain market presence and impact consumers in a relevant and timely manner. You are able to attract active target groups that elude traditional media and will deliver high reach and frequency.






At a length of nearly 19 km, the Canada Line will be an automated rail-based rapid transit service connecting Vancouver with central Richmond and the Vancouver Airport — linking growing residential, business, health care, educational and other centers in the region — and adding transit capacity equivalent to 10 major road lanes. The Canada Line will connect with existing rapid transit lines at Waterfront Station and major east-west transit services, creating an enhanced transit network to serve the region.

The Canada Line will be an integral part of our region’s transportation system, a contributor to our economic health as Canada’s western gateway and an asset to the long-term quality of our environment.

The Canada Line project will consist of:

  •  An underground tunnel from Waterfront Station in downtown Vancouver going south under Granville Street, Davie Street, False Creek, and Cambie Street to south of 64th Avenue
  • An elevated guideway climbing from south of 64th Avenue across the Fraser River to Bridgeport Station in Richmond, and continuing west to Sea Island and Vancouver Airport and south to central Richmond along No. 3 Road
  • A park-and-ride facility at the Bridgeport Station and bus exchanges at Bridgeport, Marine Drive and Richmond City Centre Stations
  • A total of 16 stations along the route: four in Richmond, three on Sea Island and nine in Vancouver


  • 166 LCD screens in 47 different stations throughout Sky Train’s Expo and Millennium Lines, our downtown Seabus Terminal and the Canada Line Rapid Transit Line.
  • These 166 screen locations will offer advertisers exposure to over 1.9 million boarding passengers each and every week.
  • Offering a mixture of real time transit information including service and emergency messaging; the latest news, weather, traffic and sports from News1130; and your advertising placement, it is a compelling addition to the traditional advertising opportunities.
  • Located in Highest Traffic Stations.
  • Real time news, weather, traffic and sports headlines from News1130.
  • Real time transit rider information.
  • Advertising section represents the  messages largest portion of Screen Space.



  • Approximate screen size: 10’ x 20’
  • Average DEC: 36,830 (Urban core traffic including vehicles and pedestrians.)
  • This screen is in direct line-of-sight of 1000’s of daily transit, pedestrian and vehicle commuters as they move through Vancouver’s fastest growing entertainment and retail districts


For more information on Lamar's products please visit or contact one of the following:

Steve Copeland
Vice President / General Manager Eastern Canada
(519) 434-6086 ext. 25

Rachael Hunter
Office Manager
(519) 434-6086 ext. 21

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