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Calgary has become one of the fastest growing cities in North America. While Calgary continues to be a major centre for the global energy industry, it’s rapidly expanding economy has diversified far beyond its traditional strength. Technology, manufacturing, financial and business services, transportation and logistics and film and creative industries are examples of the many industries contributing to Calgary’s exponential growth and to its international reputation for innovation. Calgary is home to the largest number of technology "start ups" per capita in Canada.

Among Canadian cities, Calgary had the lowest 10-year average annual unemployment rate of 5.7% from 1995 – 2004. Calgary had the highest concentration of head office employment in Canada (on a per capita basis), head office employment increased by 37% between 2000 and 2004, with an annual average of 9.5%. Calgary had the largest concentration of small businesses among Canadian cities on a per capita basis at 38.2 per 1000 population.

Calgary is situated on the banks of the Bow River and close to Alberta's majestic Rocky Mountains. Calgary is a community rich in arts, culture and entertainment. The Calgary Stampede is undoubtedly Calgary's best-known visitor attraction. This event, featuring a large parade and world-class rodeo, draws more than a million people each year. As Calgary's most popular tourist attraction, 'the greatest outdoor show on earth' features a real rodeo, a midway, concerts, chuckwagon races and more. The city of Calgary is transformed for 10 days into town celebrating the cowboy culture. The host city of the 1988 Winter Olympic Games takes pride in its sporting legacy. Canada Olympic Park is a multi-purpose athletic facility designed for skiing, snowboarding, bobsleigh and luge during the winter and mountain biking during the summer. The Pengrowth Saddledome is the home of the NHL's Calgary Flames, as well as being the venue for countless events and concerts throughout the year.

Streets within the city generally run north and south, avenues run east and west. The entire city is divided into four geographical segments, which are always indicated in addresses and on street signs. Those are N.W. (north-west), N.E. (north-east), S.W. (south-west), and S.E. (south-east). North and south are divided by the Bow River and Memorial Drive; the northern part of the city and downtown is divided by Centre St to East and West; the southern part is divided by Macleod Trail.

A Light RapidTransit (LRT) rail system, known as the C Train and buses provide public transportation throughout the city.

Calgary is a gateway to many destinations throughout North America. It has the third largest International Airport in Canada, with over 10 million passengers annually. The airport is a 20 minute drive from the city centre.
Calgary CMA Stats and Facts
July 1, 2012 Estimate 1,287,234
Male 656,113
Female 631,121
% Canadian Total 3.69
Marital Status (2012 Estimates - Age 15+)
Single (Never married) 299,626
Married (Legal and common-law) 628,168
Separated (Legally Married) 24,699
Widowed 41,456
Divorced 62,293
Home Language (Top 3)
2012 Estimates % Total
English 1,080,888 84.86
Chinese 22,401 1.76
Punjabi 20,087 1.58
2012 Total Income Estimate $ 67,941,327,711
% Above/Below National Average +54
% Canadian Total 5.66
2012 Average HH. Income $ 134,276
2012 Per Capita $ 52,781
Housing (2012 Estimates)
Occupied Private Dwellings 505,982
Owned 378,396
Rented 127,444
2012 Estimates Male Female
Management 57,660 29,201
Business, Finance & Admin. 46,016 108,236
Natural & Applied Sci. and Rel’d 70,105 18,242
Health 8,604 31,318
Social Sci., Gov’t Serv’s & Relig’n 10,463 21,812
Education 8,345 16,259
Arts, Culture, Recr’n & Sport 9,871 12,711
Sales & Service 76,532 93,427
Trades, Transp. & EquipOps. Etc. 103,940 8,133
Primary Industries 12,928 3,496
Processing, Mfg. & Utilities 16,688 6,840
Retail Sales
2012 Retail Sales Estimate $ 20,531,420,865
% Above/Below National Average +16
% Cdn. Total 4.27
2012 per HH $ 40,577
2012 per Capita $ 15,950
2010 new vehicles registered (Year End) 84,539
Total vehicles on the road (Dec ’10) 1,044,068
Source: FP Markets, Canadian Demographics 2012
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