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Agency & Advertiser 101 Courses

OMAC's 101 course will provide you with comprehensive information on OOH products, strategic uses, audience measurement and planning resources.  

Who should attend:

OOH 101 is designed for media planners, buyers and account personnel who are responsible for developing the media and communications plans for their clients. It is aimed at people who are new to the industry, or who would like a refresher on OOH. 

*This seminar is for agency and advertiser personnel only and is provided at no charge!*

Topics covered will include:

  • OOH Products & Networks: a review of the various outdoor, indoor, transit and digital formats
  • OOH's Relevancy & Effectiveness: a look at how marketers are connecting with consumers on the ‘Path to Purchase’ and case studies
  • Strategic Uses: examples of how marketers are using OOH from brand building to consumer promotions and the integration of social media and mobile marketing
  • OOH's ROI: the value of OOH on its own and contribution in a media mix
  • Planning Tools & Tips: a review of OMAC resources including interactive mapping, case study library, indoor venue visitation habits, commuting trends, digital OOH research, creative library & guidelines
  • OOH Measurement: An overview of COMB industry standards and what these mean to media planning accountability; the tools available to you, and an inside look at the upcoming new version of COMBNavigator®


No Specific Date for 2015 at this point in time.
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