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  • OOH has the ability to deliver your brand message to a mass or targeted audience

  • OOH companies offer geodemographic targeting solutions by defining and mapping your audience based on sociodemographic data, spending habits and customer databases

  • From targeting a specific ethnic group or supporting trade sales, geo-targeting can show you how to reach busy and elusive consumers effectively and efficiently

Mazda B Series


  • Mazda targeted Canadian male hockey fans with its rugged 2005 B-Series truck

  • Pattison skewed posters to junior hockey arenas in a cross-country campaign where a vehicle like the B-Series would prove to be useful in getting around town and to the game!





Wrinkle-Free Launch of BOTOX Cosmetic


  • For the launch of Allergan’s new wrinkle treatment, Botox,Transit Shelters and magazines were used. Challenges included a tight budget, a niche product and definitive target skews for both trade and consumer. OUTFRONT’s geo-demographic mapping identified how TSA could target doctors, spas/salons and high income areas which significantly increased the visibility and impact of the magazine campaign

  • Prior to the campaign posting, merchandising kits with the creative, maps and promo sheets were sent to all sales staff. Full size TSA creative was mailed to doctors to create further interest in the program

Campaign Results

“The doctors and sales teams were very pleased with the visibility they were seeing and the product is doing fabulously! Needless to say the client is extremely happy. The outdoor worked well for us on so many levels- efficiency, reach/frequency and the larger than life visibility. The customization enabled us to deliver against these multiple objectives.”

Regina Kulikowski
Media Director
Jeffery Simbrow

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