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Canadian Out-of-Home Measurement Bureau (COMB)

The Canadian Out-of-Home Measurement Bureau (COMB) sets the industry standard for measurement of OOH advertising audiences across Canada, providing a consistent, common way to evaluate OOH media.

It publishes circulation and planning data for over 70,000 OOH advertising faces and screens in over 280 markets.

COMB’s Research Committee - an important “policing body” of research and media experts - ensures that all methodologies are thoroughly analysed for integrity, precision and the highest standards of research practice.

COMB Data Report

This software application is accessible from the desktop of advertising agencies and COMB OOH company members.

Users can quickly build custom reports to view the COMB-approved OOH landscape and corresponding average market circulations.

Includes 22 OOH companies and 41 OOH products in 280 markets; data represents over 70,000 outdoor and indoor advertising faces or screens.

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COMBNavigator® is a planning and reach-frequency analysis tool that adds insight and productivity to the outdoor advertising planning process.

The software is accessible from the desktop of advertising agencies and COMB OOH company members along with the COMB Data Report.

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COMB Audit

Effective the second half of 2014, the COMB Audit will verify that COMB OOH company members are delivering the correct COMB-approved circulations and where appropriate, corresponding GRPs.

This process will ensure that critical data such as circulations, in-market factors and populations are synchronized between COMB and its OOH company members within 30 days of COMB Data Report updates (January and July of each year).

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COMB School

A learning program comprised of seminars and webinars that “decode” COMB’s stringent measurement process.

Software webinar-demonstrations and video tutorials provide tips & tricks for getting the most out of COMBNavigator®  and the COMB Data Report application.

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