The Out-of-Home Marketing Association (OMAC) is responsible for promoting the benefits and effectiveness of out-of-home media to advertisers and advertising agencies. OMAC seeks to develop and implement new initiatives that serve as a resource to the industry and increase understanding of out-of-home media. It also serves as the united voice of the industry through involvement in issues that represent the interests of its members.

Out-of-home advertising (aka OOH advertising or outdoor advertising) or out-of-home media (aka OOH media or outdoor media) is advertising that reaches consumers while they are outside their homes, shopping, commuting.

There are 4 basic OOH formats: Billboards, Street Level, Transit and Indoor, which are available as static or digital.

Basically static boards/displays are usually paper, vinyl or other OOH product. Digital refers to all OOH products that run digital ad copy.

Consumers spend over 70% of their time outside their home, reaching consumers as they travel, commute to work or go shopping. You can also find additional information on this topic by visiting the Insights tab on our website.

You can contact individual member companies listed on OMAC’S website. OMAC can provide resources to help you plan an OOH campaign including our Interactive Mapping Tool, Product Guides, Digital OOH Product Guides and Market Overview.

Each OMAC member has a Real Estate Department that you can contact for information on leases, municipal rules and legislative issues.

OOH is sold by the product/panel location. OOH can be purchased as a single panel, multiple panels or GRP buy. It can also be purchased locally, regionally and nationally. For additional details please contact an OMAC member.

You can buy out-of-home advertising through an agency or directly with an OOH company.

You can find rates by contacting the individual sales office of OMAC members. A link to member contacts can be found on each operator’s company profile on our website.

Restrictions may apply in some cases, in particular for tobacco and alcohol. Full details on provincial and federal advertising guidelines can be found on our website under the Government Affairs tab.

There is a wealth of OOH research that can be found on the OMAC website including ROI, Commuting Habits and more. In addition OMAC members also have research that can be found on their respective sites.

Outdoor advertising circulations are calculated as the number of people aged 5+ with a reasonable opportunity to see an advertising face during a 24-hour day. Vehicular traffic counts, most often conducted by municipalities and road authorities, are attributed to specific outdoor advertising faces based on COMB-approved distance visibility criteria, and a stringent methodology sanctioned by COMB’s Research Committee

No, not all OOH products are measured. You can find additional information on OOH measurements at COMB or by visiting the individual OOH company websites.

COMB is the Canadian Out-of-Home Measurement Bureau with responsibility for measurement of OOH advertising audiences across Canada, providing a consistent, common way to evaluate OOH media. It publishes circulation and planning data for over 59,000 OOH advertising faces and screens in over 275 markets. You can find additional details at www.comb.org.

GRP’s (Gross Rating Points) are a measurement for determining the weight level of an out of home product and or buy. OOH can be purchased based on GRP’s weigh levels which vary by product, market and circulation. For example if you were to purchase 50 GRP’s in Toronto, the product coverage would reach 50% of the market population over the duration of the campaign.