Five Tips to Make Your DOOH Campaign Stand Out

August 10, 2016

Neil Morris, Founder & CEO of Grand Visual and a speaker at the ACTIVATE 2015 OOH conference shares valuable advice on how to create powerful Digital Out-of-Home campaign. Here are his five tips:

  •  Embrace the available technology

“OOH campaigns can utilize a multitude of interactive technologies from touch, gesture, to AR, NFC and mobile integration. There’s a world of possibility and it’s important to understand what the medium has to offer in order to start exploiting its full creative potential.”

  •  Think integrated

“As a plugged in medium, DOOH can be the active element in a multi-layered campaign. It can create buzz, break news, invite interaction, and help to drive content and discussions online.”

  • Go for scale

“Even interactive campaigns are also now possible at scale. Xbox ran an Augmented Reality activation in San Francisco, London, and Melbourne to launch Sunset Overdrive. So go for scale and leverage creative and production budgets by addressing DOOH networks in multiple countries from a centralized hub.”

  • Be smarter – harness the context effect

“Start with a data-led strategy and create multiple sets of creative assets that work against the contextual conditions and drive messaging. This ad-system will ensure your campaign stays relevant across multiple locations and conditions. Be agile during production to get the messaging working; and once the campaign is up and running, measure the responses from day one so you can optimize the creative on the fly. Test, measure, optimize, repeat.”

  • Play Nice

“A frequent interface between agency, production house and media owners is therefore essential, and roles and responsibilities should be defined early on. The most successful projects feature true collaboration with all stakeholders working together. One team, one dream!”

To read Neil Morris’ full article, please click here.