High Attention to OOH Ads Leads to Consumer Action

June 6, 2016

When consumers are outside their home they are active and alert leading to opportunities for OOH to engage and interact with consumers according to the latest Shoppers Study.

The 2016 Shoppers Study* shows that OOH can play a significant role in influencing consumer shopping habits. The majority of shoppers like trying new products and over ¾ (78%) pay attention to OOH ads.  Shoppers, particularly millennials (56%) rely on product recommendations from family and friends. The study also revealed that 41% of shoppers have made unplanned or impulse purchases on their last shopping trip.

“Search and social are key in consumer purchase cycle. OOH can drive search and stimulate brand conversation leading to trial and consumer trust,” commented Rosanne Caron, President OMAC.

*The 2016 Canadian Shopper Study was conducted by BrandSpark International with over 40,000 Canadian consumers (18+) who are involved in household shopping.