How Out-of-Home and Mobile Drives Consumer Interaction

September 8, 2016

As we become increasingly connected, our mobile devices become an essential tool throughout our path-to-purchase. Studies show marketers can utilize mobile and OOH to interact with active people on the path-to-purchase – turning airports, shopping malls, bus shelters and subway/LRT stations into points of sale.

For example, a 2014 comScore study of mobile owners revealed 59% of Canadian mobile subscribers are interested in taking some type of action after seeing an OOH ad. Outsmart, the Out-of-Home Marketing Association in the U.K., recently conducted a study entitled OutPerform** that found OOH activity drives a 17+ uplift in smartphone brand actions, with even better performance amongst Millennials and Gen Z audiences.

Also this year, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America and Nielsen conducted a study that looked at travel habits, the exposure to OOH ads and the shopping and purchase decisions of on-the-go, connected consumers. The results from that study mirrored some of the findings from the Canadian and U.K. study. Some of the key findings were:

  • Over 35% used their mobile phone to do a search via Bing or Google.
  • Over 1/3 who own a smartphone have searched for an OOH advertiser on their mobile device.