Interview with Marielle Constandse

August 10, 2016

What was your first job in the advertising business?

My first job in advertising was at OMD. I worked there for a little over a year on their Rogers account, great client to start out on – I definitely learned a lot!

What challenges do you see for OOH over the next 5 years?

The biggest challenge will be to deliver against other metrics. Clients seek more integrated, campaign specific moment-to-moment ROI’s which include multiple media in one campaign. I think it will be really interesting to see how creative OOH campaigns will get by integrating other media over the next few years.

What do you like about OOH versus other mediums?

The impact! A great piece of creative can go a long way on a large billboard. I’m always drawn to billboards that have a really powerful image. It’s difficult to create super impactful digital banners – they’re just too small!

What are your thoughts on DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home?)

Definitely my favourite type of OOH because it really makes any piece of creative stand out. It’s also extremely easy to rotate multiple pieces of creative throughout the campaign.

What is your guilty pleasure?

I would have to say binge-watching my favourite show on shomi (currently Outlander) while eating any kind of chocolate, likely with peanut butter in it!