About OMAC

Created in 2005, the Out-of-Home Marketing Association of Canada is responsible for promoting the benefits and effectiveness of out-of-home media to advertisers and advertising agencies. OMAC seeks to develop and implement new initiatives that serve as a resource to the industry and increase understanding of out-of-home media. 

Our member companies currently represent over 90% of the out-of-home advertising inventory in Canada. Members include Astral Out-of-Home, Clear Channel Canada, Lamar Transit Advertising, OUTFRONT Media, PATTISON Outdoor and Quebecor Media Out-of-Home.

For more ideas on how OOH can help you achieve a powerful presence in the marketplace and maximize your advertising investment, please contact OMAC:

Rosanne Caron
416.968.3435 ext.108


Jacques Major
Marketing & Communications Director
416.968.3435 ext.107



Consumer Connection 24/7

Canadian consumers have active lifestyles, spending more than half of their time outside of the home. OOH advertising provides a continuous brand connection with consumers throughout the day where they shop, commute, work, play, socialize and stay in shape.

  • Unlike other media, OOH cannot be time-shifted or turned off.
  • OOH can deliver a mass audience or be strategically purchased to  engage with a specific target group.
  • OOH can influence shoppers’ buying decisions on the path to purchase.
  • OOH’s return on investment can be measured by sales lift, changes in  brand metrics, attendance at events, product sampling, website visits  and response to text and coupon offers.

OMAC Out-of-Home Company Members