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Here is a little history of our OOH graduates.

Congratulations Graduates!

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 Jan 30, 2017

Clear Channel Canada Graduation Ceremony | Edmonton | Jan 30 2017


Ryan Reynolds, Direct Sales 
Kelly Allan, Administrative Assistant
Stacey Yea, Account Executive 


Clear Channel Canada

Angie Fischer, Account Executive
Nadine Jamieson, Administrative Assistant
Paul Brosseau, General Manager

“The OOH Certification program delivered some very useful client planning scenarios and how to tackle them using COMBNavigator® , the COMB Data Report and OMAC’s integrated mapping tool . This will certainly help to enhance the work we do with planners and buyers.”
Paul Brosseau, General Manager


Clear Channel Canada Graduation Ceremony | Ottawa | Jan 30 2017

  Jan 4,

Cossette Media/Jungle Media
Lauren Schuster, Media Coordinator

Dec 22,

Denneboom Graduation Ceremony | Toronto | Jan 17, 2017


Denneboom, Toronto

Kayla Landen, Senior Media Advisor

” The COMB/OMAC certification program was a great opportunity for me as a buyer/planner. I learned how to use COMBNavigator® in multiple ways to help my clients and I was able to enhance my knowledge of out of home in Canada overall! “


Nov 28,

Clear Channel Canada, Toronto

Annalicia Iker, Sales Executive
Ari Zagury, Account Executive
Brandon Cleary, Account Executive
Bryce Collins, Sales
Jonathan Turner, Sales Manager
Kellie Lefaive, VP sales
Kellie Lynes, Account Executive 
Mario Begner, Import Sales Manager
Mark Voegelin, Account Executive
Martha Chomyn, Campaign & Inventory Specialist
Natalia Lafforgue, Marketing Manager
Nathalie Rodrigues, Marketing Specialist


Clear Channel Canada Graduation Ceremony | Toronto | Jan 12, 2017

” The COMB/OMAC certification course provides us
with greater insight to better understand the
mindset of our clients and planners.”
Jonathan Turner, Sales Manager 


“If you want to be successful in this industry you need
to understand the basics of OOH, COMB & OMAC.
The knowledge gained or cemented after getting
certified will help you work smarter and faster.”
Ari Zagury, Account Executive


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