OOH Continues to Outperform Other Media in Reaching Consumers

April 21, 2017

The new TouchPoints study shows that OOH continues to deliver high reach of consumers during their purchase activity at 85%. Only online is shown to deliver a higher reach at 99%. OOH and Online have tremendous synergies together and there are numerous examples of how OOH can be a vehicle to drive online conversations. The launch of Drake’s Views which garnered over 86 million earned media impressions and Dove’s DOOH campaign that challenged how the media portrayed female athletes and drove social media commentaries on DOOH, are just two examples of these coactions.

OOH can also influence consumers as they interact with their mobile devices or are on social media, 22% of mobile use took place in the same half-hour as exposure to OOH while 11% of social media activity took place in the same half-hour of exposure. Furthermore almost 60% of millennials have done searches of web and apps while travelling* (*any mode of travelling including transit, walking, cycling, driving.) The synergies between OOH and mobile are certainly very evident in this study and reflect a growing body of research on the ‘hand-off’ between OOH and mobile. Most recently the Kijiji OOH campaign promoting local classified ads found that more than 50% of all mobile searches have local content and 17% of searches were conducted on the go.

When consumers are alert they are more likely to pay attention and respond to advertising. The latest findings show that women are 18% more likely to be very alert while exposed to OOH advertising than they are when watching TV, while men are 14% more likely to be alert.

From short-term to long-term purchase categories, a total of 21 categories were part of this study. Details on purchases, purchase considerations, moods, emotions and alertness were asked which provided insights into the influences that come into play as consumers go about their daily activities.

In conclusion this study reaffirms that OOH continues to have high reach with consumers and can influence their purchase decisions along the path to purchase.

For more information on TouchPoints or to schedule a presentation please contact Jacques Major Marketing & Communications Director at OMAC, at 416-968-3435 ext. 107 or jmajor@omaccanada.ca