OOH Drives Brand Conversations that Result in Sales

July 20, 2016

The Keller Fay study* found that some of the more traditional forms of advertising — print, radio and out-of-home — drove greater word of mouth conversations for ad dollars spent compared to newer media such as internet/online. And, out-of-home advertising generates a disproportionately high amount of word of mouth conversations: Overall, there are 25.2 billion annual word of mouth impressions citing billboard ads. What’s more, advertising drives 28.5% of earned media, and 11.5% of earned media driven by advertising is from out of home, as shown below.


The fact that out-of-home generates so many word of mouth conversations despite lesser exposure rates than TV and the Internet signals the power of this medium. In the six industries Keller Fay analyzed, out-of-home was by far the most efficient channel for generating conversations that mentioned a specific advertisement and inspired sales.

*Keller Fay / Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) 2014