Regulatory Affairs

OMAC member companies work closely with municipal, regional and other legislators across Canada to ensure ongoing and mutually beneficial government relationships.

OMAC organizes and facilitates meetings with Out-of-Home companies and government authorities to review and discuss by-law policies and procedures.
Member Company Contacts

Municipal by-laws place restrictions on signage locations. Please contact an OMAC member company representative for more information:

Astral Out-of-Home
Ron Hutchinson
(416) 924-6664 x223

Clear Channel Canada
Paul Seaman
416 408 0800 x 223

Ontario Region
Bob Leroux
(905) 282- 6803

Sid Catalano
(905) 282-6846

Prairie Region
Brian de Ruiter
(780) 669-7705

Pacific Region
Steve McGregor
(604) 235-2708

Quebec Region
Dominic Loporcaro
(514) 284-4018

All Regions Except Quebec
Stephen McGregor
(416) 521-6410

Quebec Region
Jeannot Lefebvre
(514) 251-2500