Tim Spencer | Toronto 2016

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Date: October 19h, 2016 | 8am – 10am
Registration & Breakfast from 8am to 8:30am

Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre
525, Bay Street – Ballroom A & B
Toronto, ON, M5G 2L2

Tim Spencer, Semiotician & Cutlural Analyst – “The Vital Role of OOH for Brands”
Tim has decoded communication materials and urban environments with particular interest in Out-of-Home for the last ten years, charting the evolution and challenges of advertising from a cultural perspective.

  Tim Spencer’s Bio


Tim has been working with commercial brands for the last twenty years as a brand and communication strategist, commercial semiotician and cultural analyst.

His blended research methodologies have delivered breakthrough insights for global brands across most sectors including fmcg, snacks and beverages, health and beauty, energy and technology, financial services, automotive and travel. He has also worked with advertising agencies Leo Burnett and Mother in London, providing culturally informed communication strategies for global campaigns for McDonalds, Pimms, and UK campaigns for Selfridges, Boots and Asos.

Tim’s belief is that breakthrough insights are found at the intersection of culture and commerce, which is most richly evident in the interactions of consumers. He combines his observations of human responses to brand communications with his observations of commercial evolution. He uses semiotic decoding to uncover emergent phenomena that explain the constantly shifting relationships between environments, people, and the brands they encounter in public spaces.