UK: Pioneering Study Reveals OOH Drives Significant Uplift in Smartphone Brand Action

May 31, 2016

A new study released from Outsmart, the marketing body for Out-of-Home (OOH) in the UK, reveals that OOH activity drives 17% + uplift in smartphone brand actions. ‘OutPerform’ is its first major study.

Outsmart joined forces with leading market researchers, Ipsos, OOH industry measurement body, Route, to explore how the medium performs in today’s connected world, especially with the proliferation of the smartphone.

The groundbreaking study, believed to be the biggest of its kind, looked at how public journeys can become personal stories among adults 16-44 in the UK. The results also show that the uplift in smartphone brand action increases to 38% among the top 20 best performing campaigns within the study and even higher for Millennials and Gen Z audiences.

Results demonstrate that OOH converts brand advertising into brand behaviour, revealing that 66% of smartphone actions are direct to brand, such as a search or website visit. Furthermore, 57% of respondents that took action were new or lapsed customers, highlighting the power of OOH for brands seeking growth by reaching a wider group of consumers beyond the core buyer.

For additional details on the study please contact:

Jacques Major
Marketing & Communications Director
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